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Follow Through, Follow Through, Follow Through

In real estate, it is ALL about "location, location, location."

Turning people you meet into profits is ALL about "follow-through, follow-through, follow-through."

Process it process it process it process it - #LawofConsistency

One of the best things you can do for yourself as a learner
is to cultivate the ability to value and enjoy the process of
growth. It is going to take a long time, so you might
as well enjoy the journey - John C. Maxwell

It's a process
Life is a process
Cultivate your process
Learn to enjoy your process
Re-engage daily in your process
Engage consistently in your process
Fail forward back again into your process
Robustly evaluate and correct your daily process
Growth is best when thought of as a consistent process
Consistently process it process it process it process it process

Treating everyone fairly and justly...

Traditional marketing focuses on the masses, treating everyone the same. 

Guerrilla marketing treats everyone fairly and justly by treating everyone differently. 

Guerrilla marketers come to understand and practice win/win relationships.  

Guerrilla marketers think about their prospect's behavior and how to best relate with them. If you, the marketer, have a High D temperament, but your  prospect is a High C, your marketing "output" is naturally different that your prospects "input." You tend to be direct, to the point. You want to move through the process and get it finished so you can move on. Your High C prospect wants details, details and more details. The High C wants time to think through the details, ask questions and insure he gets good answers. 

If haven't taken a DISC assessment in the past year and would like to learn more about your temperament, email me at for a link to a free online DISC.  

Danny L. Smith

"The top 1% of successful entrepreneurs build themselves ahead of their business."

A, B, C - THE Marketing and Selling Basics

Way too many people WIMP OUT at the end and don't ask for the sale
- Dan Kennedy

A - Tell people what you have

B - Tell people what it will do for THEM

C-  Tell them you what to do next

Everything needs a platform

A good study of marketing will bring about the use of "platforms" in your processes.

The best, the very best, platform is a blog. When people come into your internet world, it's your blog they eventually land on. When someone clicks on your profile in Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest or any other social media, they should land on your very purposeful thought-out platform - your BLOG.

I personally use Blogger because it is just so easy to get up and running, make changes on and "less" frustrating. But Wordpress is reported to be the biggest and baddest (bad in a good way) and no one explains the use of platforms and setting up a Wordpress blog better than Michael Hyatt. 

Read more about him and his writings at

Notes: Ramblings on The Stop-Wasting-Handshakes Manifesto - Motive/Purpose

What's behind a purpose?

Purpose is lived out in behavior. Behavior is driven by one's agenda. Agenda is the result of motive.

Motive is Purpose.

When you go to a convention, a chamber meeting, a "networking" event, a business meeting, a "one-to-one," ANYwhere you meeting someone.....

Know the motive behind going there. Know YOUR purpose.

Why don't we market more?

Why is marketing such a strange and elusive event? Why? Pure and simple....roadblocks.

Here's the 22 Roadblocks to Successful Marketing

1. Lack of understanding of differences in marketing and sales (marketing is everything you do before and after getting the check, sales is getting the check)

2. Uncertainty regarding next steps 

3. Difficulty maintaining momentum (system?)

4. Difficulty following-up with clients (you need a system)

5. You don't know your Competitive Advantages (and don't worry, nor talk, about your competitor's disadvantages)

6. Behavioral Characteristics (see this link)

7. Procrastination (marketing's most deadly enemy)

8. Lack of comfort charging for one’s services 

9. Not knowing how to ask for business (yes, asking for business is marketing)

10. Perfectionism or Getting ready-to-get-ready

11. Unclear where to execute next.

12. Fear of not being successful, or being too successful (seriously!) 

13. Lack of systems...even the most basic

14. Unsure about your own characteristics as it relates to sales and marketing strengths and weaknesses

15. Not knowing how to talk about one’s business. (Know how to tell your story)

16. Inability to deal with rejection 

17. Absence of methods, skills, approaches for working with clients 

18. Need a pick. (read QBQ by John Miller

19. Difficulty balancing service delivery with marketing...remember, Service IS your #1 marketing weapon...if you're not delivering good service and you're spending time marketing (or selling), you're going out-of-business

20. Absence of goals and a system for accountability 

21. Lack of a written Marketing Plan of Action

22. Lack of a Marketing Calendar. seriously!

And this is just the first 22.

To that smarter and learn to execute faster (be a hedgehog).

What's my purpose of using a CRM?

The people in my SOI (sphere of influence) are my BIGGEST asset. Thus, the PURPOSE of my CRM is manage my biggest asset.

To clarify....a CRM is a Contact Management System and I personally don't like the term CRM, but it is the most common term for a Contract Relationship Management "system." Maybe I need to coin the term CRMS, or CMS.....I do like to start things.

I use a CRM/CRMS/CMS....I use my database softwaer as a place to collect the information pertaining the people with whom I've come in contact. Now, I also use an old version of a paper "trail" to help me stay engaged in the process....(the Contact Circle Worksheet).

To database is my biggest ASSET and like any asset, it has to be used. I manage this asset by "choosing" to 

1. tracking history two ways: 

a. my CRM is connected to my email and it records most email sends, 
b. I input many of the interactions I have with clients - this is primarily done by uploading a pdf copy of the Contact Circle worksheet.

2. keep the database up-to-date: addresses, emails and phone numbers change. 

3. put each contact in the proper category(s).

4. utilize the group email "merge" functions to minimize my workload as much as possible.

Widening and deepening my SOI (sphere of influence) is a choice I make on almost a daily basis. Emphasis on CHOICE. It is not habitual characteristic, even after years of focus. Thus, I have to keep CHOOSING to widen (add people to my database) and deepen (mine the database).

To that end.....have a great day!

Notes: Ramblings on The Stop-Wasting-Handshakes Manifesto - Lauren

Phone rings

Me - It's a great day, Danny Smith.

Caller - Danny, my name is Lauren. I'm a financial planner and Chris suggested I give you a call and set an appointment to come by and see you.

Me - Lauren, I'm backed up on some things for the next two weeks. Can you call me then and we'll set a time?

Lauren - thanks Danny, I'll do that.

Two weeks to the day later 

Phone rings

Me - It's a great day, Danny Smith

Caller - Hi Danny, this is Lauren. I called two weeks ago to get an appointment and you suggested I call back today.

Me - Hi Lauren. I remember, when's a good time for you.

This is a normal routine I use. I am usually backed up a bit, but normally, the caller doesn't call back.

Lauren did come in, she was extremely personable, professional and knowledgeable. We had a great conversation and I mentioned I might have a couple of people I'd introduce her to at a later date.

She thanked me for my time left me with a few of her business cards and parted.....

And nothing.

Normally, I'd send an email 2 or 3 days later thanking her for coming by, but I didn't in this case. Now, over 5 weeks later........nothing.

Lauren wasted our time. She wasted the handshake.

Surely the calls, the effort.........I guess she was only interested in making a sale.

Obviously a very short-term thinker and doer.

Notes: Ramblings on The Stop-Wasting-Handshakes Manifesto - purpose for meeting others

I'm sure most people don't put a lot of thought into their purpose for meeting others. And that's OK......I suppose it's OK to just go meet people with no thought of a purpose.

But not for the person that's dependent upon earning a living through establishing relationships. Whether I'm business-to-consumer or business-to-business, business is built on getting people to 

know, like and trust you

Relationships, good relationships, is established when two people trust each other.

That doesn't mean I'm going build a relationship with would be naive to think so. There's a 


I take it's not OK to not have a purpose. Not if you're intending to be profitable.

Notes: Ramblings on The Stop-Wasting-Handshakes Manifesto - Networking Defined

Networking "can be" defined as any time you come face-to-face with another person.

Your choice as to whether you CHOOSE to interact with them....thus, the "can be." It's your choice

Just because you choose to go out and see people doesn't mean your actually networking...this includes a "networking event." 

You have to CHOOSE to network.


Comment: this post is part of an ongoing brain dump that will hopefully be compiled in the near future

Notes: Ramblings on The Stop-Wasting-Handshakes Manifesto

What I mean by "stop wasting handshakes" is really simple -

I don't particularly enjoy going out and meeting people........or at least that's what I used to think. Now, these days, it isn't as much of a pain......for some reason.

That reason, I've decided, is because I've come up with a process to follow-THROUGH with people.

How many business cards are laying in your trash can....errr...your desk draw...or on your desk? They're calling out to you. Aren't they?

They're saying.........I know you can hear them...

"why did you take me if you aren't going to do anything?"

Stop IT! Just stop wasting those introductions. Just stop wasting the time, effort and money it took to go to a luncheon or networking event.

That's what I was saying to myself and literally STOPPED GOING.

But then another guilt set in..............I needed to meet people. But I'd meet them...then what? What next? Connect on LinkedIn?....Call them?....and say what?....When? Immediately?...that seems like stalking.....I don't particularly like it that right after I meet someone they ask to connect with me on LinkedI, like my Facebook page or send me an email..........what are they doing - setting in their car? That's efficient but it sure seems invasive........I wonder if that's the way they date(d)?

So maybe I do enjoy meeting people just because I have a process to re-connect with them. 

To that end......make it a great day

Comment: this post is part of an ongoing brain dump that will hopefully be compiled in the near future