What's my purpose of using a CRM?

The people in my SOI (sphere of influence) are my BIGGEST asset. Thus, the PURPOSE of my CRM is manage my biggest asset.

To clarify....a CRM is a Contact Management System and I personally don't like the term CRM, but it is the most common term for a Contract Relationship Management "system." Maybe I need to coin the term CRMS, or CMS.....I do like to start things.

I use a CRM/CRMS/CMS....I use my database softwaer as a place to collect the information pertaining the people with whom I've come in contact. Now, I also use an old version of a paper "trail" to help me stay engaged in the process....(the Contact Circle Worksheet).

To clarify.........my database is my biggest ASSET and like any asset, it has to be used. I manage this asset by "choosing" to 

1. tracking history two ways: 

a. my CRM is connected to my email and it records most email sends, 
b. I input many of the interactions I have with clients - this is primarily done by uploading a pdf copy of the Contact Circle worksheet.

2. keep the database up-to-date: addresses, emails and phone numbers change. 

3. put each contact in the proper category(s).

4. utilize the group email "merge" functions to minimize my workload as much as possible.

Widening and deepening my SOI (sphere of influence) is a choice I make on almost a daily basis. Emphasis on CHOICE. It is not habitual characteristic, even after years of focus. Thus, I have to keep CHOOSING to widen (add people to my database) and deepen (mine the database).

To that end.....have a great day!

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