Competencies, dreaming, thinking

Competencies. "Think-into-the-results" you want to accomplish. Dream about what you want. Dreaming will get you out of your rut. 

The results of your Dreams will be a direct reflection of your engagement in your processes. Implement any process, work it, evaluate it, correct it. "Think" about it as a circle and keep going around and around that circle (implement, work, evaluate, correct, implement, work, evaluate, correct, imple......). A good read to reiterate this point is the "Hedgehog Concept" Jim Collins discusses in his book "Good to Great."

If you haven't read "Good to Great," today's a good day to go to Barnes and Noble, grab a copy off and read the gray boxes.

Every business person should read the gray boxes in Good to Great.

Have a Great Day. It's raining in the Texas Hill Country! Maybe my old dock will float and I'll get to sell it!

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