#6 Critical Success Factor to Marketing Well

I've got to choose to have a Creative Inner Circle

John Maxwell tells us that our potential is determined by those closest to us. 

What 3 people do you go to for advice? What three people give you advice whether you ask for it or not?

Your success is determined by those 3-6 people. Either they're dragging you down or lifting your lid.

Begin now thinking about your inner circle the type of persons your want in your inner circle; influencers, creative types, learners, people who compliment and add value to you and the other people in your inner circle. Your inner circle includes people on your staff, people who take care of your weaknesses, assist you, people you hand things off to so you can concentrate on things only you can do.

Your inner circle also includes people who bring you down. Be aware of this, how you talk to yourself in relationship to these people and how you contribute back to them. 

Think about the other 7 choices and how you can use those to build UP your inner circle, raise your lid and live OUT your potential.

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