Data mining to end the year well

A good marketing exercise is to casually look through the names of people you've met. These names are "ideally" in a database/CRM, but are likely in numerous places; business cards lying in/on your desk, contacts in phone, contacts in Outlook, emails, friends/connections on Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn/Pinterest/etc.

Casually looking is a minor form of "Mining." Mining a database is a daily activity for Professional Marketers. You're likely a Business Owner or Sales Person that should practice Professional Marketer activities.

What is 'mining a database?' I'm going to give you a rambling approach to this, again, on the minor side.....

Data-mining, for many an entrepreneur, starts with thinking through the meetings, names, cards, emails you've had, collected, sent, received...reconnecting in your head and on paper with the people, who they are, what they need, what you can provide them, how you fit together, where's the win/win, is there a win/win. Data-mining is looking at the data you have and learning from it, extracting information and transforming it into understandable's finding needles in haystacks.

Data-mining can be very sophisticated, but it doesn't have to be. A glance through my database this weekend showed me a list of people I could possibly add value to through an online tool.

Data-mining is a primary discipline Professional Marketers are constantly practicing. I'm using it in my Process as I finish-up 2013. I'm looking at "what" I could have done better, "where" I can improve and "how" it will need to come about.

I'm asking what, where and how questions about the past, not why and when.

I'm thinking about "if" I'd done some things differently, what that would "feel" like right now.

Once I have all that down, asked myself good questions, pondered and reflected....then I'll start working on 2014.

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